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Seamless, Professional, Responsible Solutions

We do it all, soup to nuts, A to Z, nuts and bolts, and everything in between. We provide innovative materials and waste management services that are responsible, sustainable and cost-effective. Our team, some of the most experienced in the industry, will professionally manage the waste management process so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Environexus™, quite simply, defines our business methodology. It combines the Environmental IQ of our people with the investments we have made in the technology of our business processes, creating unmatched supply chain efficiencies and cost savings for our customers in the Materials Management Industry. Removing inefficiencies, providing transparency and being accountable is what we are all about.


By providing real-time tracking and reporting, we provide accurate job data that allows customers to cut or eliminate much of their project administrative overhead. This means you get the maximum economic and environmental return possible. When combined with the Environmental IQ of our people, Environexus™ gives our customers efficiencies and cost savings no other firm can deliver. Our electronic data tracking system (EDT) provides customers the information they need, when they need it. Countless hours are wasted on administrative tasks and back and forth emails that simply do not need to be wasted. EDT gives our customers total access to project data and documents such as manifests, weight tickets, invoices and total job summary reports. Call Capitol today to see how Environexus™ and EDT can improve efficiency and reduce the administrative burdens that can ruin a project's bottom line.