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Vision & Values

Modernizing an Industry.

Capitol’s vision is to transform the materials management industry by streamlining the administrative burden, providing the benefits of sole sourcing, while simultaneously giving direct access to the portfolio of approved outlets. Environexus™ “unlocks” the administrative function from the outlets, allowing non-performing outlets to be replaced. Similar to managing a stock portfolio, our customers have complete control and visibility to our “glass pipeline” of activities and the ability to replace underperforming or dated technologies without disrupting their administrative processes.

It’s value, clearly earned. It’s our mission!

We happen to believe that our customers should be served efficiently and with complete transparency. We work hard every day to keep costs and risks low and productivity high, making sure you can see every step along the way. Even as the Industry evolves, our vision of providing quality service with complete transparency has never wavered and continues to drive our business model today.