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Long-term sustainability requires continuous access and a sustainable business model


Making Environmental & Business Sense

Green is good. We like our planet and want it to be around for future generations, but the pursuit of green technology has to make green business sense. We build programs that are repeatable and sustainable for our customers. Our way of thinking is that a sustainable program is flexible, built to adapt to market fluctuations and capable of changing with our customers’ needs.

A Sustainable Model for Sustainable Solutions

Our role in helping provide a sustainable future includes the pursuit of recycling or finding value in spent and used materials. However, a sustainable recycling program must be part of a sustainable and perpetual business model that is capable of adapting to continuously changing needs. Our model is designed to respond to the changing market conditions whereas a Fixed Based Asset Model, like the largest companies in our industry, are not. Their rigid business rules, excess overhead and limited outlet options "lock" them in to a set model and don't allow them to adjust to changing environments or customer demands. Our approach is different. We remove or substitute outlets or transportation assets without a disruption to service. We standardize the work flow but make the outlets interchangeable so you can take advantage of new technologies or outlets that perform better. This “unlocked” model is perpetual and capable of continuously recognizing value in materials. This means your environmental program is both sustainable and perpetual and built for the long term- for the future of our planet.